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Design collection

A collection of handles designed to be interpreters of the most modern style and design: an irresistible blend of incredible creativity and functional rigour

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Contemporary collection

The eternal taste for tradition and the old, combined with high quality craftsmanship, makes these handles the perfect complement to spaces evoking timeless memories, vintages, reinterpreted in a modern, luxurious and original way.

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Katchmee, designer door handle


We have been designing and manufacturing Zamak handles since 2001. Excellent quality, creativity and continuous research for a highly reliable product of great aesthetic value, entirely designed in France. KatchMee.com is a manufacturer of designer interior door handles that operates in the high-end, architecture, design and luxury sector.



Zamak is a durable and strong material. Few other technical materials offer such a combination of strength, hardness and rigidity. Zinc alloys have mechanical properties equivalent or even superior to those of aluminium, magnesium and bronze.

Zamak parts have excellent friction and wear resistance properties. Thanks to Zamak, our designers can take advantage of all the aesthetic characteristics to design parts with optimum design freedom. All they have to do is choose the appropriate coating and finish to make their product unique with infinite surface finishes.

Zinc alloys allow for less polluting and less greenhouse gas-emitting production. They are infinitely recyclable.


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35 Rue Gambetta
83990 Saint-Tropez

Katchmee the specialist for chic and luxury interior door handles

KatchMee brand interior door handles are mainly intended for bathroom, toilet, bedroom and office doors. They provide a unique touch, a design and noble character to your doors with their chrome look, but which can also be matt or shiny. They can be equipped with a lock to allow the locking of a door lock. But there are also handles for interior kitchen doors that do not have a locking system. Our brand only designs handles on rosette. As for the specific features of the handles, they are generally in the shape of a cane spout, and the design depends on the model you prefer. It is possible to choose handles with a square or rounded rosette. The grip of our handles is exceptional, with a pleasant touch thanks to our different finishes. This smooth appearance is provided by the nickel finish of the Zamak material. It is also possible to have a satin, glossy chrome or matt finish.

Why choose an interior door handle design KatchMee ?

KatchMee brand interior door handles are made of Zamak. It is a very luxurious, very strong material that is made of a compound of zinc, magnesium and aluminium. This type of material also makes the final product more designer with a chic and classy look. On the dimensional side, according to your needs, we have a wide range of products with standard sizes, but which are adapted to the different locations of doors requiring the presence of a handle. This way, you will have some that can fit in the bathroom entrances, toilet doors, kitchen, parents’ and children’s bedrooms as well as your living room. In addition, depending on the style of your interior, the handles to choose from can be in the category of door handles that are design or contemporary in style. For one or the other, these handles have all been designed by experienced designers or architects. Finally, in terms of grip and visual appearance, a designer interior door handle is second to none. It is pleasant to the touch by being soft and firm to open a door easily. It is also modern with an appearance that honours the creativity of the brand’s designers. For the visual aspect, in the category of contemporary handles, you will even have handcrafted devices with a finish that adopts the traditional style, but whose aesthetics are reviewed and updated.

How to install a design  door handle?

A KatchMee brand interior door handle can be installed without the help of a locksmith or carpenter. However, it is necessary to be careful in the process and follow these few instructions to avoid damaging the device. To do this, choose the type of door and the location of your handle. Then, it is necessary to detect the drilling template located on the handle and refer to it in order to drill the hole. Ideally, this drilling should be done with an electric drill to avoid damaging the door. It is also necessary to be between 100cm and 130cm high from the ground to carry out the installation. This ensures that the height is suitable for the handling of all residents of the house. Once it is done, put the door latch down. The latter can be replaced by a decorative element on some models, but to be inserted in the entrance first if the system is equipped with a locking and locking device. However, it will be possible to fix the internal and external handles with a screwdriver to the door, making sure that the opening handle is on the external side and the other for locking is on the inside. Also start with the handle on the outside of the door before the one inside. You can then fix it with screws. Only then will the striker plate, which will also provide the decorative touch to the unit, be installed. Finish by trying to close and open the door and admire your KatchMee brand designer interior door handle.
Here are some technical terms in the area of interior door handle and hardware, fittings, hinges, toilet bowl, duck spout, cylinder, larder lock, lever handle, centre distance, roses and return spring.
Also called wrist or knob, at Katchmee you will find a wide choice for a designer interior door, with roller, tubular, sliding or PMR. Different shapes and finishes such as matt black, oval, lacquered, porcelain, aged, stainless steel, brass. Soon available the window handle for French windows

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